9 Fantastically Colorful Rainbow Recipes

So you’re planning a birthday party for a special someone and you’re stumped when it comes to the treats. You know where you can find inspiration? From an A Smyth Co. birthday greeting card, of course. This rainbow one is a great example:


Don’t rainbows just make you happy? And when they come in the form of cakes and cookies, they are bound to make a birthday celebrant smile for days. Here are recipes to get you started:

1. Rainbow Cookies

rainbow 1

2. Ruffle Cake

rainbow 2

3. Surprise Pops

rainbow 3

4. Rainbow Cubes

rainbow 4

5. Cake Pops

rainbow 5

6. Rainbow Jellow

rainbow 6

7. Cake in a Jar

rainbow 7

8. Rainbow Jelly Beans

rainbow 8

9. Rainbow Slices

rainbow 9


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