8 Incredibly Easy Fall DIY Ideas

It’s September. Can you believe it? Any day now, malls in my country will start playing Christmas songs. For most of our readers, though, there are still several holidays to enjoy before the huge Santa party towards the end of the year. In relation to these holidays, I suggest that you stock up on this Ecka & Pecka Thanksgiving card as early as now.

While you’re trying to figure out from which store you should buy said card, let’s check out these quick and easy fall DIY decor ideas:


1. Protect your vases from the autumn breeze. Your old sweaters will surely be willing to lend their lives for the purpose of keeping your fall DIY decor chic and cozy. [source]

Fall Candles 6

2. This one is as simple as attaching leaves to the sides of a huge candle and wrapping with rustic twine. [source]


3. Don’t you just love the look of faux autumn leaves and berries together? They’re particularly wonderful when displayed in a gold vase. [source]


4. This is one easy DIY fall project that kids would love to do, too. Simply tape fresh autumn leaves onto cotton or linen napkins, rub the pattern, remove the leaf, and that’s it. [source]


5. Take orange yarn, add pinecones on top, and you’re done. If you can’ find perfectly round orange yarn, you can cover a styrofoam ball with the material first. [source]

wheat sheave

6. How beautiful! Not only is this wreath simple to make, it can also be used for decorating your fall mantel. [source]


7. This DIY fall project is not exactly easy since it will require a bit of sewing. But it’s too nice to pass up and it’s also a great way to make a dent on your fabric stash. [source]


8. From using up scrap fabrics, we check out this great fall DIY that calls for paper scraps. This is great for decorating a mantel, as well. [source]


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