DIY: Pom Poms for Your Books

In this age of electronic readers, giving someone a bookmark doesn’t sound wise. But what if, come Christmastime, you find yourself needing stocking stuffers that are functional, cute, and perfect for the bookworm? What do you do?

You make pom pom bookmarks!

This DIY is brought to us by Jane via Design Mom. I don’t know about you but these are the cutest bookmarks I have ever seen in all my years of bookworming/book-hoarding. Cuteness factor aside, these are also very easy to make.

To make these pom pom bookmarks, you will need:

– yarn (in any color you like)

– scissors

To create the bookmarks, you will simply wrap your three middle fingers with yarn. Wrap 90 times for an adorably fluffy pom pom. You then slide your fingers off the yarn wrap, tie the yarn bundle in the middle with yarn of the same color, tie another yarn tail to this middle string, and then cut the folded sections of your yarn bundle.

At this point, you will have a ball-like yarn creation that has bits and pieces sticking out. Take your scissors and give your pom pom a trim in order to get a perfect ball of yarn pom pom. Easy!

Like I said, they are the cutest. In fact, I would not mind finding these in my Christmas stocking even though I have a Kindle. I would gladly use these as accessories by attaching them to my Kindle case.

Photos and DIY by Design Mom


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