Laetitia Miéral: Making Magic with Paper

Here are the words on Laetitia’s Etsy seller profile: My name is Laetitia Miéral I’m a french paper Magician, and I spend my days and nights in a paper world. 

Forget everything you know about anything because you will want to focus on Laetitia’s work. She is not lying; she creates magic with paper.


You look at these miniature paper worlds and creatures and feel sad because reality is nothing like them. Why can’t we live in teapot houses of delicately decayed and lace-like walls? Why can’t we have luncheons and exchange fabulous stories with rabbit dolls? Why can’t we wear nature like it’s the hottest thing to come off the runway? Why can’t we live in a fairyland?

Laetitia Miéral makes paper magic because her works make our world feel terribly boring. She makes magic not only with paper but also with our imagination.

Check out more paper sculpture goodness by this artist via her SHOP and BLOG.


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