DIY: Doodle Wooden Utensils

Ever seen those painted wooden utensils making the rounds on lifestyle and craft blogs? I am here to show you a way to hitch a ride with the trend but using a slightly different method. Instead of painting wooden utensils, we’ll doodle on them!

My pattern of choice when it comes to doodling is scallops or scales. They’re easy to do, they make anything instantly dainty and sweet, and no matter the medium (e.g. greeting cards, apparel), scallops are always visually appealing. The shellfish are okay, too.


1. Wooden utensils

2. Sharpie

3. Tape

If your wooden utensils have tubular handles, you will need to tape the sides first before you draw the scallops. As for doodling the scallops, there is no strict guide, really. Start at the bottom and work your way up to the top of the handles. The doodles can be small, big, or of varied sizes. You can use Sharpies of different colors or stick to black like I did.

When you’re done, remove the tape from the sides and display your quirky wooden utensils. I should mention that these can no longer be used for preparing food.

Check out more photos of the steps HERE.


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