DIY a Wooden Tray that Rules

At this point in my crafting life, I will readily admit that I will forever be in love with yardstick/meter stick / wooden ruler repurposing DIY projects. See this list and the mini cabinet I made here for proof.

This is why I knew I just had to share this new DIY from Style Me Pretty: a ruler tray. It is the perfect combination of rustic and elegant. And the best part? It’s totally DIY-able!

Style Me Pretty has a tutorial on how you can make these wooden trays.  The materials you will need to make these include wooden rulers, wooden boxes or trays, utility knife, ruler, pencil, wood stain, foam brush, wood glue, clamps, and sand paper.

The basic steps for this DIY involve staining the trays and rulers, cutting the rulers into different lengths, and then gluing said rulers to the tray. For the complete tutorial, check out Style Me Pretty.

From my personal experience, wooden rulers are easier to cut compared to meter sticks. In other words, these wooden ruler trays are very easy home decor DIY projects. What could be better?


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