Funny and Cute Food Art Pints by Teo Zirinis

It’s been so long since we featured funny art prints from a single artist. Good thing I chanced upon Teo Zirnis and his work while I was prowling Society6. His take on food art uses a good combination of puns, minimal colors, and oh-so-cute faces. You can’t help but agree, take pity, or laugh at the edibles that come to life in his art. Take a look below:

teo1 teo2 teo3 teo4 teo5 teo6 teo7 teo8

Check out the Society6 account of Teo Zirinis HERE.


Allison De Meulder of Matrick and Eve: We started in the paper industry in 1999 and never looked back.

Today’s feature is a creative lady who has been in the paper industry for a long time. We are talking about Allison De Meulder of Matrick and Eve. Check out our quick chat below and let’s get to know the talent behind this stylish stationery company.

Why Matrick and Eve? What’s the story behind the name?
The name Matrick and Eve is a combination of my three children’s names. They inspire me every day!

unnamedWho are the creative people behind the brand?
Matrick and Eve was created by myself, Allison De Meulder and alongside my talented husband and wonderfully creative team of designers.
I love that our styles are all a little different, yet they meet somewhere in the middle to create the perfect blend that is Matrick and Eve.

Is Matrick and Eve a full-time business? Do you have day jobs?
Yes, this is our full-time business & passion. We started in the paper industry in 1999 and never looked back. It’s pretty amazing to have your passion as your job each day.

Tell us about your studio. Where is it? How did you come by it? What’s your favorite spot in it?
Our studio is located in the hip area of South Tampa. It used to be a floral studio before we moved in so it’s pretty raw with exposed pipes and worn in concrete floor. The back half of the space is pretty industrial, it’s where we print, package, craft and design. Our boutique is up front with the customer service area and my office. My favorite spot is my office because I have huge windows and I love light. I get to watch cars and people go by and I love that kind of bustle since I grew up in a city environment.

Your favorite color combos are:
Yellow & grey, gold & blush, and navy & hot pink

082214_home_1 082214_home_3

Your current favorite fonts are:
Fun handwritten fonts like Pacific Northwest and whimsical and versatile fonts like Amelie

Describe Matrick & Eve products in 3 words:
Fresh, vibrant, jovial

After a long day at the studio, how do you and your staff wind down?
We definitely have a fun bunch here. Usually our wind downs involve sugar (ice cream sundaes, whoopie pies…we are not particular). We also laugh a lot about anything and everything, and especially about ourselves. A good laugh at the end of the day can certainly wipe away a day of press problems or rush situations.


7 DIY Ideas to Welcome Fall with Style

It seems like it was only yesterday when we welcomed the comfort of warm days. The last cold season took a long time to relinquish its reign to spring and summer. And it’s looking like it will be coming early this year. But why complain when you can party? Instead of lamenting the fact that it’s fall once again, let’s just celebrate! Here are fun crafty things you can do or make to welcome the season with style.

1. Pumpkin Shape Cake


2. Yarn Pumpkin Garland


3. Leaf Place Card


4. Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes


5. Painted Gourds

6. Vanilla Pear and Vodka Cocktail 


7. Fringe Streamers 


If you met this A Smyth Co. card while out stationery shopping, how to decorate your home for Thanksgiving probably entered your mind. This list is a good place to start.


Susie Ghahremani of boygirlparty: loving every part of every process

We can never get enough of stationery with darling animal illustrations. Which is why it was only fitting that we feature the brilliant artist behind boygirlparty. Boygirlparty (one word, as we learned) is one of the gift and stationery companies out there that is sure to make you smile. Whether you’re buying for yourself or for a friend, a boygirlparty product will not let you down. And whether you’re a creative entrepreneur or you simply like nice artists, you’ll love this quick interview we conducted with the brains behind the brand, Susie Ghahremani.

1. You are incredibly talented! Can you tell us a short history of your love affair with illustration? 

Thank you so much!

Creating handmade products has been a natural showcase for my artwork. I earned an Illustration degree at the Rhode Island School of Design and go wherever my art has taken me — from building my own product line to the pages of the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal to the shelves of boutiques like Art Star Philly and Craftland to big chain stores like Barnes and Noble and Urban Outfitters.

susie-ghahremani-22. How did you transition from being purely an illustrator to somebody who runs a creative business?
There was never a transition; I have always done both simultaneously.

3. What do you love the most about selling things using the items you’ve drawn?
Knowing someone is bringing it into their home to make part of their lives. A lot of times, illustration is either disposable (newspaper, magazine) or only for one person’s enjoyment (as with an original piece of art) — making products with my work has expanded the life of my artwork to become personal and permanent to many people.

4. Your stationery is just lovely. Can you tell us what your creative process is like? How does an illustration become a stationery design?
I paint in gouache; everything I create is hand painted.

For creating stationery designs, usually I have a product idea and I get to work on sketches and then final paintings, based on the ideas I’ve had for how it will be used and the size of the product. I scan and place my artwork in templates to be printed, and that’s about it! Sounds easy but often it isn’t.

5. What tools of the trade can’t you live without?
10/0 liner paintbrush, gouache, a very sharp pencil, my sketchbook(s), Uniball Micro Deluxe pen. I think I’m at the point where my scanner + mac + a solid internet connection are pretty required as well!

6. What’s the nicest thing that a customer has ever said about one of your products?
Anytime anyone tells me anything nice about my products, it makes me happy — but when they say I am their favorite artist, I feel like there is absolutely no higher honor!

7. Your favorite animal to draw is:
I like drawing them all. I draw finches a lot and am most known for my owls. I really enjoy drawing from life and nature that I can see in person!


8. Any advice for illustrators who also want to turn their hobby into a successful business?
Be good at more than just your hobby. Be a strong communicator, a photographer, pay attention to details. Unless you’re rich enough to have a staff of help the size of Downton Abbey’s, be willing to work hard at least 50% of the time at things that are not your hobby, like packing and shipping or communicating with customers or building a website. Love every part of every process!


Dear World VI: A Cheeky Greeting Card for Everyone

A showcase of Ecka & Pecka and A. Smyth Co. cards with messages to possible recipients. To whom would you send the following cards and what note would you write? 

1. To a friend:

Inside: so you must be really smart. Happy Birthday

 Message: It pains me (but just a little bit) that I will never be as wise as you.

2. To your mother:

Inside: How appropriate. Happy Birthday Mom

Message: Staying true to the theme, the whole family decided that you shall have an upside down cake during your party. And because it’s a topsy-turvy world, you, the celebrant, will likely bake this cake. Happy birthday again!


3. To somebody dear to you:

Inside: Hardly seems fair. Get well soon

Message: What excuse will you use now when we need to go out antiquing during a work day? You had better think of a good excuse for such an occasion while on your way to recovery.


How to Throw a Unicorn-Themed Birthday Party

Got a friend who is special in so many ways? If said friend is celebrating a birthday soon, you will want to give her the unicorn treatment. Take cues from this darling Shenanigans Murphy unicorn birthday card. And for an unreal shindig, the following party ideas will surely be of help. Remember, this is for a grown-up unicorn party; we included a recipe for jello shots.


1. Unicorn badges/buttons – give to special guests

2. Unicorn stamps – will be fabulous for making the invites, don’t you think?

3. Unicorn headbands

4. Rainbow jello shots

5. Unicorn glittery horns – use these instead of party hats

6. Glitter unicorn cake topper

7. Unicorn cake pops – you can have a cake pop-making party, actually.

8. Rainbow ‘happy birthday’ sign


The Instagram Series: Illustrators IV

Inspiration is all around us, especially in the age of social media. Through our Instagram Series here on Ecka & Pecka, we hope to bring lettering, calligraphy, photography, and illustration inspiration closer to you. Get to know new artists, go behind the scenes of their creative lives, learn from their works in progress, make friends, and be inspired.

This week, here are who you should follow:

1. Adam Bunting (@abunt_art) – This art teacher has quite an inspiring Instagram feed. If you love colors and nature, hit FOLLOW.

adam1 adam2 adam3

2. Anne Marie Cortis (@annemariecortis) – Sweet, delicate, and all-around lovely. Those are the words that will come to mind when you take a look at Anne’s Instagram account.

anne1 anne2 anne3

3. Marisa Redondo ( – Marisa is a prolific artist and has quite a following on Etsy. It’s not surprising, really, judging from her beautiful IG account.

marisa1 marisa2 marisa3


Studio Inspiration: Skylight Confessions

Ask any artist or would-be creative entrepreneur what they want in a studio and they’ll likely answer “natural light.” That and a working coffee maker. Natural light doesn’t always have to come from standard windows, though. Sometimes, the best kind come directly from the sky. Hence, the need for skylights.

For inspiration, check out the following overwhelmingly gorgeous spaces:


9 Dorm Room Art Prints for the Unique Freshman

Know a fresh-eyed teen starting college soon? Apart from some money and your number, you will want to send him or her over to the new school with a nice gift. We’re thinking art prints that they can hang in their dorm room. We have here a great selection that will remind the recipient to embrace their inner weirdo, be fearless, never fear imagination, and do the laundry properly.

1. Blessed Type


2. Florever



3. Dorinda Art


4. Zyanya Lorenzo


5. VB Typography


6. We Are Yawn


7. Awkward Affections


8. Mike Wrobel


9. Leslee Mitchell



Craft Your Storefront: Geometric Crafts to Love

It’s looking like the geometric pattern trend is not going anywhere. Just like that trend of turning young adult novels into movies. The good thing about the former is that you can use it as inspiration for your stationery shop. Take a look at the following DIY ideas for decorating your lovely store.

1. Wall treatment - These are made of MDF boards painted in shades of turquoise and gold. Won’t the hollow ones be great for displaying new greeting cards?


2. String Photo Display – Now this geometric DIY idea is just quite perfect for displaying greeting cards. Not only will this be nice for a display window, it might also work for any blank wall in your shop.


3. Wreath – This geometric style wreath is darling. It’s just the right design for someone who likes minimalist decor. This will look nice hanging from your shop door.


4. Geometric Heart – Maybe you carry beautiful wrapping paper in your stationery or gift shop. What you can do is buy several, cut triangles, and then shape them into this lovely heart!


5. Lanterns – A display window with lots of hanging things is always a crowd-pleaser. For your geometric decor, this lantern idea will be a big hit.


6. Paper Mobile – This is another geometric DIY idea that is great for hanging by the display window. If you don’t want something colorful, using monochromatic paper will do as well. These triangles don’t have to be hanging from a hoop, too. Arrange them like a curtain and you’re good to go.


7. Paper Diamonds – This is very similar to the lantern idea above. Instead of tissue paper, though, you will be using sturdier materials. Imagine these hanging from your store window. Pretty, right?


8. Wall Treatment – You don’t have to paint this directly on your wall. Doing this on a piece of wood will work as well. This will look nice as a wonderful greeting card display backdrop.