How to Throw a Unicorn-Themed Birthday Party

Got a friend who is special in so many ways? If said friend is celebrating a birthday soon, you will want to give her the unicorn treatment. Take cues from this darling Shenanigans Murphy unicorn birthday card. And for an unreal shindig, the following party ideas will surely be of help. Remember, this is for a grown-up unicorn party; we included a recipe for jello shots.


1. Unicorn badges/buttons – give to special guests

2. Unicorn stamps – will be fabulous for making the invites, don’t you think?

3. Unicorn headbands

4. Rainbow jello shots

5. Unicorn glittery horns – use these instead of party hats

6. Glitter unicorn cake topper

7. Unicorn cake pops – you can have a cake pop-making party, actually.

8. Rainbow ‘happy birthday’ sign


The Instagram Series: Illustrators IV

Inspiration is all around us, especially in the age of social media. Through our Instagram Series here on Ecka & Pecka, we hope to bring lettering, calligraphy, photography, and illustration inspiration closer to you. Get to know new artists, go behind the scenes of their creative lives, learn from their works in progress, make friends, and be inspired.

This week, here are who you should follow:

1. Adam Bunting (@abunt_art) – This art teacher has quite an inspiring Instagram feed. If you love colors and nature, hit FOLLOW.

adam1 adam2 adam3

2. Anne Marie Cortis (@annemariecortis) – Sweet, delicate, and all-around lovely. Those are the words that will come to mind when you take a look at Anne’s Instagram account.

anne1 anne2 anne3

3. Marisa Redondo ( – Marisa is a prolific artist and has quite a following on Etsy. It’s not surprising, really, judging from her beautiful IG account.

marisa1 marisa2 marisa3


Studio Inspiration: Skylight Confessions

Ask any artist or would-be creative entrepreneur what they want in a studio and they’ll likely answer “natural light.” That and a working coffee maker. Natural light doesn’t always have to come from standard windows, though. Sometimes, the best kind come directly from the sky. Hence, the need for skylights.

For inspiration, check out the following overwhelmingly gorgeous spaces:


9 Dorm Room Art Prints for the Unique Freshman

Know a fresh-eyed teen starting college soon? Apart from some money and your number, you will want to send him or her over to the new school with a nice gift. We’re thinking art prints that they can hang in their dorm room. We have here a great selection that will remind the recipient to embrace their inner weirdo, be fearless, never fear imagination, and do the laundry properly.

1. Blessed Type


2. Florever



3. Dorinda Art


4. Zyanya Lorenzo


5. VB Typography


6. We Are Yawn


7. Awkward Affections


8. Mike Wrobel


9. Leslee Mitchell



Craft Your Storefront: Geometric Crafts to Love

It’s looking like the geometric pattern trend is not going anywhere. Just like that trend of turning young adult novels into movies. The good thing about the former is that you can use it as inspiration for your stationery shop. Take a look at the following DIY ideas for decorating your lovely store.

1. Wall treatment - These are made of MDF boards painted in shades of turquoise and gold. Won’t the hollow ones be great for displaying new greeting cards?


2. String Photo Display – Now this geometric DIY idea is just quite perfect for displaying greeting cards. Not only will this be nice for a display window, it might also work for any blank wall in your shop.


3. Wreath – This geometric style wreath is darling. It’s just the right design for someone who likes minimalist decor. This will look nice hanging from your shop door.


4. Geometric Heart – Maybe you carry beautiful wrapping paper in your stationery or gift shop. What you can do is buy several, cut triangles, and then shape them into this lovely heart!


5. Lanterns – A display window with lots of hanging things is always a crowd-pleaser. For your geometric decor, this lantern idea will be a big hit.


6. Paper Mobile – This is another geometric DIY idea that is great for hanging by the display window. If you don’t want something colorful, using monochromatic paper will do as well. These triangles don’t have to be hanging from a hoop, too. Arrange them like a curtain and you’re good to go.


7. Paper Diamonds – This is very similar to the lantern idea above. Instead of tissue paper, though, you will be using sturdier materials. Imagine these hanging from your store window. Pretty, right?


8. Wall Treatment – You don’t have to paint this directly on your wall. Doing this on a piece of wood will work as well. This will look nice as a wonderful greeting card display backdrop.



The Instagram Series: Photographers III

Inspiration is all around us, especially in the age of social media. Through our Instagram Series here on Ecka & Pecka, we hope to bring lettering, calligraphy, photography, and illustration inspiration closer to you. Get to know new artists, go behind the scenes of their creative lives, learn from their works in progress, make friends, and be inspired.

This week, here are who you should follow:

1. Beth Kirby (@local_milk) – Beth has a beautiful food blog. But if you’re in the mood for less words and more gorgeous photos, her Instagram account is where you should go.

beth1 beth2 beth3

2. Cindy Chen (@mrpaddingtonbear) – The vibe of Cindy’s feed is actually similar to Beth’s above. Cindy’s, however, has a more urban feel. She styles her photos delightfully. Her cats are adorable, too.

cindy1 cindy2 cindy3

3. Kurt Rahn (@kurt_rahn) – For a taste of nature, Kurt’s Instagram feed will delight your senses. If you love his photos, you will want to snatch up some of his prints from his Society6 store.

kurt1 kurt2 kurt3


10 Birthday Cards for Someone with a Great Sense of Humor

Warning: these cards are not for friends whose tempers flare at the smallest poking. These birthday cards are are slightly rude and are for friends who would not mind if you mention how old they are. They will, in fact, likely respond with a more hilarious age joke of their own.

1. Oddball Press


2. Red Letter Paper Co.


3. Two Trick Pony


4. Shenanigans Murphy


5. Calypso Cards


Inside Greeting: It’s a perfectly normal response to the sight of THAT many candles. Happy Birthday!

6. Stuff Anna Loves


7. Dude and Chick


8. Alternate Histories


9. Get Thee to a Nunnery


10. Naughty Betty



9 Colorful Thank You Cards to Make Someone Smile

You know what the best way is to say THANK YOU? Saying it with colors! If you can do with all colors of the rainbow, the better. Think bright hues that can instantly cheer someone up. These will make a monochome-enthusiast friend “happy,” too, make no mistake. They’d be blinded by all the colors, they will instantly know how grateful you are. For inspiration, here are colorful thank you greeting cards:

1. Hello! Lucky


2. Posy Paper


3. La Familia Green


4. Calypso Cards


5. Man vs George


6. A Smyth Co.


7. Little Low


8. Red Cap Cards


9. Mr. Boddington’s Studio



Funny and Super Sweet Cards to Give to Your Husband on His Birthday

So the special man in your life, your husband, is about to celebrate his birthday. He is your rock, spider-stomper, garbage disposal expert, and bulb-replacement manager. He is those things and a lot more. Which is why we suggest that you give him a funny card. AND a gift, of course.

1. allotria


2. Feb10 Design


3. Shenanigans Murphy


4. Tattoos & Love Letters


5. Paper Tie Affair


6. The Little Illustrator


7. Sad Shop


8. Westmama Designs


9. Hello! Lucky


10. Bald Guy Greetings



Art Prints That Only A Cat Lady Will Love

We all have that friend. That friend who thinks felines are superior to humans. That friend who had been brainwashed by purring creatures into thinking that cats are the best thing. EVER. In all the world. In history.

Want to make said friend very happy? We have just the right items for you to choose from. Check out the following art prints for that lovable cat lady in your life:

1. Nomad Printables


2. Lime


3. Korpita


4. Florever


5. Animal Crew


6. Shop Miss Ella


7. Doggie Drawings


8. Gemma Correll