Funny and Slightly Annoying Birthday Cards for Siblings

Because what’s the point of giving your sister or brother a greeting card if said card will not annoy them? Check out the following birthday cards for showing your sibling who’s the boss. And telling them you love them, of course.

1. Kiss and Punch


2. The Little Illustrator


3. BE Paperie


4. Cheeky Kumquat


5. A Smyth Co.


6. Orange Cricket


7. Comrade Cards


8. Humble Studio



10 Funny Art Prints that Will Not Motivate You to Diet

There are many posters out there whose sole purpose is to motivate you to lose weight. But in a world where food can be the only good thing, why surround yourself with posters who don’t want you to touch a cupcake? For those who love food too much or those who turn into “monsters” when hungry, the following art prints will speak to your soul.



1. Daily Dishonesty


2. Happy Brat


3. Simply Cute by Karin


4. Inspirational Quote


5. Anisha Creations


6. 716 Designs


7. prePOSTERous Art


8. Paper Circus Boutique


9. Snowdon Prints


10. Love Victoria



How to Throw a Whale-Themed Birthday Party

How utterly darling is this Anni Betts card for A Smyth Co.? If you got one for your friend, this card will also save you from thinking of a great party theme for said friend. Okay, you will probably think that a whale-themed party is too childish. But has childish reasons ever stopped you and your friend from doing certain things? Yep, I thought so.

whale party

1. Whale notebook set gift

2. Whale cupcake cake

3. Whale confetti

4. Whale cake topper DIY

5. Handmade whale garland

6. Whale bunting cake topper DIY

7. Whale home decor gift idea

8. Handmade whale cupcake topper or party picks


Dear World V: A Cheeky Greeting Card for Everyone

A showcase of Ecka & Pecka and A. Smyth Co. cards with messages to possible recipients. To whom would you send the following cards and what note would you write? 

1. To a Friend:


Message: Just like fine wine, Sean Connery, and The Godfather trilogy. Just like our friendship. 


2. To a loved one:


Message: I admit that on most days, I can pinpoint the hole in my life to a lack of doughnuts and some beer. But on this particular day, I knew that only you was going to complete me. And some doughnuts and beer, of course. 


3. To a friend who needs cheering up:


Message: Hopefully, not the bug that I also happen to have. Best wash your hands after you read this greeting card. 


Craft Your Storefront: Throw a Cute Picnic

Looking for a summery fun decor for your stationery store? We have got a collection that is sure to tickle your fancy. Not only will these make your shop look adorable, they make for great gifts too. So basically, you get to make something that you can give away after the season. Genius!



1. Picnic blanket  - Obviously, you won’t have to make this if you already have a gingham blanket somewhere. But if you don’t, take out a roll of painter’s tape and make your own beautiful blanket. Tutorial HERE.


2. Paper baskets – The baskets below were made of butcher paper. But since you’ll only be displaying your baskets by your store window (and not actually going to use them to carry things), using thinner paper will do. Check out the tutorial HERE.


3. Felt Food Bag – Seriously, how cute is this set? This is one of the things that you can definitely give away after putting them up for display. HERE is the guide to make your own.


4. Paper Lantern Caterpillar - What’s a picnic-inspired window display without a caterpillar? Not a cute one, I tell you. Make one using paper lanterns in green and red. For the antenna, you can use pipe cleaner.


5. Felt Cherry Pie – A good picnic will always have pie. And if you want your window display picnic to look extra summer-perfect, this tutorial by Martha Stewart will not let you down.


6. Felt Pizza – Sometimes, going for take-out is the best way to enjoy a laid-back picnic. For your window display, this felt creation is sure going to look perfect. Tutorial HERE.


7. Fruit Coasters – How cute! You can make these for your picnic display or hang them like a garland. The possibilities are endless. Tutorial HERE.


8. Cold Dessert Tags – This is another picnic-themed garland idea. Punch holes near the top and hanging from a baker’s twine. This will look oh-so-pretty! Check them out HERE.



9 Funny But Sweet Cards to Give to Your Love on your Anniversary

Celebrating an anniversary with your love? Whether your union is turning 1, 10, or 20, a funny card will always be a great gift. Together with an unforgettable candle-lit dinner, of course. Here are 9 anniversary greeting cards that you can giggle over. Do not forget to post a photo of your greeting card on Facebook or Instagram. It will be your proof to the naysayers who said that you two will not last a week. What do they know, right?


1. Post Love Designs



2. Lady Pilot Letterpress


3. A Smyth Co.


4. Happy Cactus Designs


5. Row House 14


6. Tattoos & Love Letters


7. Ladyfingers Letterpress


8. Emily McDowell


9. Hello!Lucky



Art Prints Showcasing the Wisdom of Ron Swanson

You know what would make the world a better place? Making Ron Swanson the president of the planet. And of the known universe. Think about it: if we had a leader like him, we would all be better-acquainted with our common sense. Thus, the world will be a better place! Not for animals where we get meat products, sure, but everything else would surely be running smoothly.

As a reminder of Ron Swanson’s wisdom, here are art prints to decorate your walls with:



1. Fancy Prints for Home

ron 1

2. Brittany H Designs

3. Paper Chat


4. Cody Bond


5. Creative Sobriety


6. Fancy Prints for Home


7. Pop Art Press


8. Roaring Softly



Creative Studio Inspiration: Real-Life Pinterest Boards


Pinterest seems to be the current go-to social media platform for inspiration online. But what of the real world? How exactly does one organize the bits of inspiration we chance upon? The answer is simple: the inspiration board. And in a creative studio, the inspiration board not only helps shape the work of the artist, it becomes a work of art itself.

Great examples below:



Dear World IV: A Cheeky Greeting Card for Everyone

A showcase of Ecka & Pecka and A. Smyth Co. cards with messages to possible recipients. To whom would you send the following cards and what note would you write? 

1. To a friend celebrating a birthday:


Message: I’d investigate this phenomenon further but who am I to question you, right? I mean, I keep turning 28 every year as well. 


2. To somebody wronged:



Message: I looked for a greeting card with more intensifiers. This won because it had six but trust me, I wanted a card to have more. Because I really am sorry.

3. To friends with a new house:


Message: This card should probably say “over two dozen walls and three floors” since your new house is obviously a palace. 


Throw a Bike-Themed Party for a Friend

Got a bike-enthusiast friend turning a year older soon? This cute and quirky Shenanigans Murphy card is perfect for him/her. And you know what else your friend would appreciate? Yep, a party. To help you organize one, we have gathered here fantastic bike-themed party essentials:

bike party 8

1. DIY bicycle wall clock – Okay, this is not exactly party decor but you have to admit that it’s a great gift. Your bike-enthusiast friend would go crazy over this giant wall clock.

2. Bike cake – How darling! This is a tutorial that will show you how to make the gum paste bike. Show it to your baker if you don’t plan on making the cake yourself.

3. Bicycle stamp – Perfect for DIYing the invitations or other decor you plan on making for the party.

4. Bicycle napkins – If you don’t have time to handstamp every napkin, this 50-pc set from an Etsy seller is a fantastic option.

5. Bike cupcake toppers – Adorable! These can also be useful for decorating a huge cake. Perhaps a cake that looks like a race track?

6. Bicycle pint glasses – Can work as party glasses or as gifts.

7. Bike bunting – There is no tutorial for this cute bunting but if you’re handy with an X-Acto knife, it should be easy to recreate.